The Film


Emmy is a 21 year old performance artist living in New York City. Her great-grandfather was one of the first native Chinese Christian evangelists in Southern China. Although severely disconnected from her family's culture and faith, Emmy travels to China to trace the path of her legendary great-grandfather's life—and experiences first-hand what its like to be a practicing Christian in China today.

Her grandfather, Yu An Lo, is 86 years old, living in Seattle. His family has written a short book about the life of his father Lo Ren Fu, and legendary Chinese Christian Evangelist from the Hakka region of Guangdong Province. Using this book as a guide, he plans a whirlwind trip to explore his father's lasting impact on China today. Emmy accompanies him, in order to learn about her Hakka culture and to connect with her Chinese Christian family.

Told through Emmy's point of view, the story traces the path of Lo Ren Fu's remarkable life across Southern China. Along the way Emmy witnesses Christian life at different levels in Chinese society, and learns of the unthinkable sacrifices people made throughout the past century to sustain the Christian faith.

Finding God in China is filled with striking imagery, from Guangdong's most remote villages to its largest cities. The journey is driven by a pulsating, original electro-pop score mixed with authentic Chinese choir music. It is a celebration of life, family, food, singing, and a search for faith that takes Emmy far beyond all expectations. Finding God in China will show you a unique niche of China that very, very few people have ever witnessed or experienced!

Main Characters

Yu An Lo
known to Emmy as Y-Kon
(chinese for 'maternal grandfather')

Emmy's grandfather, 

Lo Ren Fu's 10th son

Yu An Lo was born and raised in China.  He worked on tanker ships and travelled to many places in the world for his work.  He is currently retired in Washington and enjoys going to church and making artwork and pamphlets for his church. 

Guogi Lo
Emmy's uncle, guide, musician, son of Lo Ren Fu's 2nd son

A devout believer of Christ to this day, Guoji currently lives in Xingning, Guangdong, China.  He enjoys playing the piano and singing lovely tunes at the churches and wherever he goes. When this film was made, Guogi and his wife still lived in and maintained Lo Ren Fu's house in Xingning.  In the singleyear that has passed since, the entire property has been leveled to make room for new building development.


Sincky Peng
Emmy's cousin, translator,
granddaughter of Lo Ren Fu's 4th son

Sincky Peng graduated from Shenzhen University with a major in English. She speaks 7 different languages, many of them fluently.  She enjoys being with family and friends and having a good time.  She hopes someday to teach Chinese in America. 



Scott Riehs
Writer/Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Editor

Scott is an actor/film maker originally from Philadelphia.  He holds a B. FA in Drama from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, and is currently focusing on new and innovative ways to tell narrative stories through guerilla documentary film styles.  He is also a playwright, director, composer, and co-creator of the new Brookly-based team sport Circle Rules Football.  (visit for details)

Emmy Walker

Writer/Director/Producer/Assistant Camera/Voice Over

Emmy is a multi-disciplinary artist, who acts, draws, writes, and more.  Her passion for theatre took her across the continent from Seattle to New York.  After spending a year in Germany in pursuit of spiritual growth and self discovery, she is currently enrolled in the final year of a BA program at the New York University, Tisch School of the Arts.

Koi Walker

Producer/Executive Producer

Born in Taiwan raised in Japan, Koi has always been fascinated with real stories of real people.  After 14 years in the software industry she embarked on DIY movie-making endeavors .  Her first feature length documentary Citizen Mayor earned the 2010 Accolade Award and has been screening in various international festivals. Founder of Atlas Productions, Koi enjoys volunteering her videography skills for non-profit organizations in the Seattle area.  


Yusuke Namiki

Yusuke was born in 1985 and grew up in East Los Angeles. Currently he is a preschool teacher and electronic musician from Brooklyn.  Yusuke has been a DJ since the 9th grade and began producing beats in high school.  At New York University he learned more about experimental music and mixed media art while studying to become a teacher.  Yusuke began performing his music in theater productions in 2006.  he has since, written and performed music for plays, dance performances, and movies.  Yusuke is currently working on his debut album.  His music sounds like a combination of nuclear fusion, baby showers and short train rides.